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We mainly focus on supply of marine machinery spare parts for ocean-going and coastal ships.

Engines we supply for

MAN B&W Engines: L16/24, L21/31, L23/30H/A, L/V28/32H/A, L27/38, L/V32/40, L/V20/27, S28LH(LU),T23LH

ACD AND SXD Daihatsu Engines: DK20(E) , DK28(E) ,DL22, DL20,DK26, etc.
Yanmar Engines: N330, N21, N18 , N16, M200,M220, etc.
Wartsila Engines: L20 , R22/26, etc.

Stock Service Products :
Cylinder head
Valve spindle
Valve guide
Valve seat, Valve bridge, Rocker arm, Push rod, Roller guide
Water jacket, Flame ring
Cylinder Liner, Piston, Piston ring, Piston pin
Connecting rod, Connecting rod bearing
Camshaft Complete, Camshaft bearing, Crankshaft, Main Bearing, Engine block, Water pump, Lube oil pump, Lube oil Cooler, Fuel injection parts, Starting motor, Compensator, Gasket, O-ring, Sealing, Filter, etc.

We hold two big warehouse with vast stock located in Pudong shanghai China.