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Where is the fifth 071 dock landing ship? Or the East China Sea.

2018-05-07 4268

Recently, there are fifth 071 dock landing ships that are being built in the outfitting. From the picture, the construction of the ship has been completed most. The time node from the sea test is not far away. From the construction process of the previous one, we can join the Navy before the middle of next year. 


The more than twenty thousand tons of full load drainage of the ship is the first ten thousand ton warship built in China. It is also the work of China's large multi-functional amphibious ship. It can also be said to be the experiment of a large combat ship over ten thousand tons in China. The construction of the ship has made the Chinese Navy's amphibious ship strength improved qualitatively.333 At present, four ships have joined the Chinese navy. The first three 998 Kunlun Mountains ships, 999 Jinggangshan ships and 989 Changbai Mountain ships all joined the South China Sea Fleet by 2011. However, with the purchase of Diaoyu Islands in Japan in 2012, the landing capability in the East China Sea has become very important. So fourth 071 type dock landing ships Yimeng Mountain joined the East China Sea fleet, while fifth and sixth construction plans were also steadily advancing.


Before the Yimeng Mountain ship service, the East China Sea fleet can only rely on a number of tons of landing ships to carry out landing operations, which is obviously not enough to meet the needs of the future landing operations. So we can infer that the second batches of the 071 landing ships were built for the East China Sea fleet. Second, the Marine Corps in China all belong to the South China Sea fleet. According to the media reports, the Marine Corps will be expanded. In order to carry the future expansion of the sea fleet of the East China Sea fleet, the next two 071 ship dock landing ships should be joined by the East China Sea Fleet.

The 071 type amphibious dock landing ship has a very good overall stealth ability. The outer lines of the ship are concise and concise, and the lower part of the hull is leaned and the upper part of the ship is inclined to a certain angle, thus forming a rhombus cross section with good radar stealth performance. The ship body is high dry starboard plate type, the length and width is small, the ship body is wide full, the large flying shear type ship head and the wedge-shaped ship tail are adopted, the superstructure of the ship is located in the middle part of the ship body, the rear is the large helicopter deck, and the airworthiness performance is very prominent. The 071 dock is 210 meters and the drainage amount is 20 thousand tons. The flight deck of the ship can take off and drop two helicopters at the same time. In addition, it can carry 2-6 transport helicopters according to the needs. It is mainly straight 8 and straight 9 helicopters, which is used for vertical landing and transportation of personnel and some landing combat materials.

If necessary, a certain number of armed transport helicopters with land attack capabilities can also be carried, as well as about a battalion of infantry fighters and their required weapons.

The rear deck of the hull is a huge dock landing cabin, with atotal length of about 70 meters, mainly for landing craft, mechanical landing craft, or vehicle personnel landing craft. There are usually 4 hovercraft in the dock landing module, and 2 smaller landing craft can also be hung on the davit.

Hovercraft is mainly used to transport main battle tanks and other operational vehicles ashore without flight capacity. The 726 type landing craft is a new type of air cushion craft specially developed for type 071, such as the carrying caterpillar armored chariot, which can carry a 96 or 99 type of main battle tanks, or 3 63A amphibious tanks, 6 90 wheeled armored combat vehicles, or 10 light high speed assault vehicles. 071 it is also possible to choose more light and small amphibious air cushion landing craft, such as type 711, 716 and 722 personnel and landing craft, if necessary.3333 Transport 071 can carry nearly 50 armored combat vehicles, including amphibious armored vehicles, wheeled and caterpillar infantry vehicles, all kinds of anti armored vehicles, light self-propelled artillery, main battle tanks and so on.

In self-defense armed forces, the bow of self-defense armed, the bow of the bow has a PJ-26 type 76mm naval gun, four of the same 726-418 mounted jamming projectile launchers as 052B/C are placed on both sides of the warship and on both sides of the upper structure, and the near defense is dependent on the four AK-630 30mm anti-aircraft artillery arranged in the upper structure.

In general, the 071 types of sea / air vehicles, which can continue to operate at sea, have large loading capacity and operate including helicopters and air cushion craft, have greatly enhanced the amphibious combat capability of the Chinese Navy, enabling it to carry out large-scale military and equipment delivery from the coast to the inland. However, in terms of landing operations, China is still lacking a "American" amphibious assault ship like the US Navy, but from the model shown by Chinese companies in recent years, China should have the ability to build similar ships. The domestic aircraft carrier has been launched into a complex ship. It is believed that the area of amphibious assault ships is difficult to fail. China。