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India three thousand ton gantry crane was blown down by the wind and deIndia three thousand ton gantry crane was blown down by the wind and destroyed the dock.stroyed the dock.

2018-05-07 3934

The embarrassment of India shipbuilding is well known. They can refresh their records only themselves. Facing all kinds of accidents in India ships, people can only sigh that their imagination can't catch up with India's manufacturing power. No, the Hindu gantry crane has fallen down again. It was revealed by the Russian interlocutor, saying that in the middle of April this year, the large shipyard in India was swept by strong winds. Its 3000 tons full weight, the lifting capacity of close to 300 tons of large gantry crane was collapsed, just hit the dockyard underneath the dock and other equipment, causing serious damage. The main task of this shipyard is to build various types of naval vessels for the Indian Navy. According to the truth, the experience is relatively rich and the management is relatively strict, such things should not appear.


Collapse of India gantry crane at the collapse of India gantry crane

But India is obviously good at "impossible to become". The accident caused a lot of damage to the dock and equipment, and the gantry crane itself was completely scrapped and all the losses were added together. According to the initial assessment of the Indian side, it was close to $100 million, or more than 600 million yuan. I must admire the fact that the Indian accident is "at all costs".


India Navy shipbuilding has been a lot of problems, such as the long construction period, India Navy shipbuilding has been a lot of problems, such as the long construction period.

Indians should feel lucky, because if they are unlucky, their losses may be more than that. Its newest P17 improved (so-called A) stealth frigate was built in another dock alongside the shipyard. According to the Indian Navy, the frigate is a complete and complete improvement compared to the P17. It is not the same day, and its strength is the first in the world.

The Indian army tried to build a powerful escort fleet to build a strong escort fleet.

The cost of this class of warships will reach US $1 billion 200 million (or more than 7 billion RMB). At present, the construction of the warship is progressing steadily and making great progress. If the gantry crane is not smashing the hollow dock, but smashing the dock that is building the P17A, Indians are afraid to cry without tears. It is worth mentioning that the broken dock is also related to the P17A project. In fact, preparations for the P17A three ship have begun to prepare materials and some equipment. When the wind came, the whole shipyard stopped working. There was no one in the dock. Otherwise, I'm afraid it's not just a bad device.

The final goal of the Indian Navy's surface warship construction project is to cooperate with the carrier.